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Classically Coiffed
Classically Coiffed

Iconic American designer Ralph Lauren stays true to his tradition by depicting minimal, classic hairstyles at the New York City show

Hippie Chic
Hippie Chic

A hippie-inspired look captivated the crowds at the Alberta Ferretti show in Manhattan

Retro Chic
Category: HAIRDO
Hair: Andrey Pulin
PRODUCTS: Estel Professional
COLLECTION: ESTEL Boutique Bourgeois FW 2011-2012

Wind Rose
Category: MAKEUP
Model: Alyona Alyoshina

World Traveler
World Traveler

Unite's star stylist Kevin Ryan drew inspiration from the well traveled women

Slip Knot Chic
Slip Knot Chic

Learn to fashion this chic slip knot-in a flash!

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March/April, 2014
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HOTBeauty Mag and Visionary Icon will be hosting a two-day Concept to Cover
Cover Shoot Opportunity!

News! HOT Beauty Mag and Visionary Icon will be hosting a two-day "Concept to Cover" workshop in spring 2014 with the best photo designated as our cover image for Sept 2014.

All participants will assist in the shoot and receive cover credits.
Access www.VisionaryIcon.com and send Chrystofer Benson your contact info. More news coming soon!

Jeryl Spear, editor  

Pantone Spring 2015
Apr 01, 2015
Pantone Spring 2015

Hair color mirrors Pantone’s top choices for the upcoming season.

Soft and light with just a hint of bold color, Pantone’s Spring 2015 palette promises to be a confection of soft, cool shades and warmer colors leaning toward neutral.

A Unifying Element
Apr 01, 2015
A Unifying Element

Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, makes an elegant, grounded beauty statement when used as a solid hair color or as an anchor for more vibrant hues.

The color god-a.k.a. Pantone Color Institute-has spoken and, to be honest, we were a bit surprised. Marsala-a cool, red-brown hue-has been crowned Pantone 2015 Color of the Year.

Turn Any Ponytail Into a Fab Holiday Style!

Ponytails to Haute Coiffures!

Turn any ponytail into an extraordinary 'do with these inspiring images. Click on the pics to view detailed, step-by-step instructions!





Ann Bray's Original Rose

What started out as a beautiful cover in March 2012, turned into an international hair sensation that has continued to circle the globe. Ann Bray did this beautiful step-by-step for Aquage, with none other than Luis Alvarez at the camera photographing her every move.

Since that time, something else has come out of this our magazine cover shoot: Ann Bray was "discovered" by Hollywood and has since become an important stylist for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She's now working on the third movie in the series. Love!

Black Cherry color
Black Cherry Beauty

Tis the season for flaunting darker hues such as this sexy Black Cherry look

Anna Paquin
Mermaid Manes

Screen star Anna Paquin flaunts a blue hue inspired by the sea

Bedhead Beauties
A-listers January Jones and Taylor Schilling both flaunted messy, textured chignons at the Emmy Awards
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Making Waves
Melissa McCarthy’s wavy locks turned heads at the 2014 Emmy Awards
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How to do a diagonal four-strand braid hairstyle
Step 1: On the right side of the front hairline, take a section of hair from the top and divide into four parts. Step 2: Start braiding on the left side of the split. Take the leftmost strand (the first strand) and put it over the second, under the third, and use the fourth strand (far right) to wrap around the first. Step 3: Continue braiding, but with the tieback. Start weaving from the left side; take the leftmost strand (the first one) and add a strand of loose hair from the left side, combining both. Place the second strand under the third. Then take a strand of loose hair from the right side and combine it with the strand of the braid on the extreme right (the fourth strand) and wrap it with the first. Step 4: Continue braiding the four strands with the tieback. Keep braiding until the nape of the neck is reached. The braid should go diagonally! Step 5: At the nape of the neck, secure the braid with a band and leave the rest of the hair in a ponytail. Step 6: Take a thin strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the band so as to cover it. Use a pin to secure the piece of hair.
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How to do an original French fishtail braid hairstyle
Step 1: Separate a strand of hair from the frontal-top part of the head and divide it into four parts- two thin side strands and two thick central strands (left and right). Step 2: Take a thin strand from the right side and connect it with the left stand going over all the right strands. Step 3: The thin strand from the left side goes under the thick left strand and connected to the right strand. Step 4: Continue braiding but now picking up along small strands of hair. Separate the next thin strand on the right side, pick up a small strand from loose hair on the right and connect it with the thin strand on the right. Next, take the combined strands, pass it over the rest of the right strands and connect it with the left strand. Step 5: Separate the next thin strand on the left side, pick up a small amount of hair from the loose part on the left and combine both strands together. Pass the combined strands under all left strand and connect it with the right side. Step 6: Continue braiding with tieback from both sides until the edge hairline on the nape of the neck. Step 7: Braid the rest of the hair in the same technique but without the tieback. Step 8: Secure the braid with rubber band.
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Angus Mitchell
Born into the legacy of the late legendary stylist Paul Mitchell, star stylist Angus Mitchell was on an early mission to make his own mark on the industry.

His upbringing exposed him to the same passion that inspired his father. Educated at Vidal Sassoon, Angus has fused the company's legendary precision technique with the free creative expression Paul Mitchell encouraged, to craft his own signature style.

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